Do you want to know?

What it will take to retire?  When to take Social SecurityHow to rollover your 401k or 403b? How much income will I have in retirement?

Now YOU can know.  With MyBlocks, a free, interactive and fun way to look at your financial picture.

How will MyBlocks help you?

Enable you to use tools that are there when you want them.

I want to know!

Without the stress of a huge report that you will never look at or use.

I want to know!

What it will take to reach my goals without pressure to buy something.

I want to know!

There is someone to help after I look through my goals and dreams.

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How we help with retirement planning.

Do you look forward to the golden years of retirement, but aren’t sure how to plan for the future financially? 

Our goal at Servus is to help you take the guesswork out of retirement planning and give our clients peace of mind.

When we work with families on retirement planning, our clients fall into two distinct stages: accumulation and distribution. Some families need a more extensive, holistic form of financial planning in order to achieve their retirement goals. In other cases, clients simply need wise and data-informed strategic asset management. Regardless of where you are, we are here to help you build a comprehensive and feasible retirement plan that meets your needs. Once your plan is in place, we constantly monitor it and make necessary adjustments along the way to make sure it remains in alignment with your goals.


The better you do, the better we do

As a fiduciary that is a registered investment advisor in Virginia, that is 100% fee based and focused on our clients achieving the purpose and plan for their life.  There are no minimum or maximum account sizes or fees.  Your initial consolation is always free and with no obligation.

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Knowing provides knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Power over the unknown. Power over fears of what the future may hold. Power over emotions.  Power to make choices that YOU want.

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